Non-Road Trip

It was a good day for a road trip. I didn’t take one, but it was a good day for one. Where would I go? Another book shop? A hike. An hour long drive on a hilly, winding road, dotted with bluebonnets to get to Sweet Berry Farms for strawberry picking and homemade ice cream? Around here, summer already flirts with spring and it’s only been a week. Would I go to a new to me barbecue joint, those that make the best-of lists I tend to ignore? Do I go north or south or east or west?

Instead, I stay put because it’s Sunday. I clean out one corner of the garage, emptying out a box of old books I’m finally able to part with, except for a yearbook. I thumb through it. Do I keep it? The clock reminds me it’s time to pick up my teen from our neighborhood pool. “Can you give K a ride home?”

I take the short drive to drop of the friend. Pull into a tidier garage, shut the door behind me, and get on with my Sunday, because there isn’t much of it left. It was a good day for a road trip if Monday didn’t hover nearby.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

8 thoughts on “Non-Road Trip

  1. I really enjoyed the wistfulness of the first paragraph contrasted with the busy can do tone of the second paragraph- not necessarily the Sunday afternoon you wanted, but needed.


    1. Yes, it was a perfect day for one, but then I’d probably regret it upon arriving home with all of the things needing to be done. Summer break will be here soon.


  2. Yes, let’s hope the weeks go by quickly until summer break. I thought this was a creative way to find a slice, and you definitely got me thinking about where I might go on a non road trip. A bookstore and a hike both sound perfect–as does a drive down a winding country road!


    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. I’ve hit a wall, lol! We took two day trips during spring break and had a great time. Our intention was one per day, but the time change and gray weather changed our plans. Summer will soon arrive, thanfully.


  3. Your opening lines are really evocative – they’d make a great writing prompt. And since summer is already flirting with spring (where you are – not here!), you can imagine that soon enough you may have the time to take that road trip – maybe bookstore *and* barbecue? Thanks for taking us with you, even if you didn’t go.


  4. Elisabeth directed me here. Bluebonnets and summer already flirting with spring tell me you’re in TX. I spent eleven years in Houston and drives to see the wildflowers remain wonderful memories. I know the feeling of finally being able to part with books. I hope that tidier garage feel made you okay with missing the road trip.


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