Spring Break Doldrums

SOLSC Day 11

Never did I imagine I’d be wary of spring break. I’ve been counting down the days, but it isn’t the same. I’m tired but not in the way I’m normally tired. It’s a stuck sort of tired. Tired of being stuck in the unknown, having to roll with whatever comes our way, like it or not. Weary and wary.

Sure, that’s how life usually happens, but there’s this heavy lull. I look on the bright side, at least I like to believe I try. I’m an apathetic teen who isn’t in the mood to do anything, but wants something to do. I’m looking forward to the break, but I’m not, because breaks have been anything but breaks. I want to go places, but I also want to sleep in.

I only have a week and I don’t know whether or not I want to look forward to it. I’m skeptical and working on optimism. One more day. I can make it one more day. Then I’ll wait to see what happens. Take one day at a time. An hour at a time. Still.