Yesterday was hard. Not the writing kind of hard, but the I can’t stop reading all of the good posts sort of hard. The I have to go to bed now because there’s work tomorrow morning sort of hard. People keep saying such inspiring words my brain is about to pop hard. I have to come up for air. So many ideas. So many resources. So many talented and hard working (because it isn’t only talent) writers out there. Whew! I’m up for physical challenges-within reason. I’ve done some. I’ve gone through momming while teaching and managing grad school kind of challenge. But this? What is this? This is challenging too, but I have no words to name it. I’ll just ride the wave. Dang!

19 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Congratulations on making it through your first five days! That’s huge! I think this is my seventh year and I’m still blown away by all the wonderful posts. I can’t possibly read as much as I’d like to. I really like how you skillfully repeated the word “hard” in varied contexts. I hope you keep riding the wave! Happy writing!

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  2. Alice, I am with you. This is my first time going through this challenge, and it takes some determination to follow through every day. I have never written every day before, but I am on a five day streak. Good luck to us!

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  3. I love the repetition of the word hard in the beginning. Then, the way you make statements about the “hard” of this with such certainty contrasts beautifully with the wonder at the end, “What IS this?” You’ve captured the complexity of this challenge so well!

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  4. Yes, Alice! “ride the wave” – take what you can from this, don’t overthink it 😉 We are here when your work is done, we are here for what you need. It is a challenge, but your slice of today is perfect – “What is this?” This is just for fun!

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  5. This is a great post, I entirely agree with you about reading so many great slices and feeling overwhelmed in the moment by so much good material. It is hard to put down, another few days and you’ll defintely be in the flow.. it does happen!

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  6. I like the way the repetition of “hard” works in this post. Congratulations on writing for the first five days. One sixth of the challenge done. Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you Terje. I couldn’t think of a better word for “hard.” Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with the basics. Plus, I drafted this during a run/walk, talk about multitasking brain mush.


  7. You got a a href=”https://thedirigibleplum.com/2021/03/06/shout-outs-slice-of-life-sol21-6-31/”>”Shout Out” today, so definitely you’re on that wave riding the high! Enjoy the ride.


  8. This community is amazing, isn’t it? I am in awe of the talent that emerges in the SOLSC every year. I think that’s the real reason I keep coming back. You fit right in, Alice!

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