Monday Meh


Oh, hi Monday. Again. It was the weekend. I should’ve been winding down Saturday evening, but from what? I read and wrote most of the day. I attempted to clean out the closet under the stairs. Emptied it out on this great quest for minimalism, but I’m not feeling the adventure. I want to crawl into my hobbit hole of stuff, keep it, and have second dinner. Or maybe it’s second and third clutter. Of books, notes, real snail mail addressed to me, little bits of golden word nuggets scrawled on bits of paper that don’t quite have a place to fit–yet. They’re looking for the piece that needs them: a story, a song, a bit of advice, a letter, maybe a list. I tossed a few things, but moved everything back in. I’ll save it for later, and wait for a wizard to show up.

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