Anchor Chart Pub

This might have been a mocktail…

Coming soon…The Anchor Chart Pub. For teachers. All day happy hour. If you take a mental health day, come on in and get a deal. We’re working on our menu, so please be patient while we develop these recipes with our resident (part time, second job) teacher mixologists who craft the perfect cocktail/ and so far, only mocktail.

Tasting rooms will be available for team planning.

We’re working on a special Pandemic Teaching menu. If you have menu suggestions, please reach out. Should your suggestion make it on our menu, we’ll send you a discount code to use on your first visit.


D-Hall (made with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey)

Grades Are Due Next Week

Meet the Teacher Night

Maternity Leave (Pregatini)

School Supplies

Spring Break

Talent Show

Craft Beer

Bus Duty

Field Day

First Year Teacher

Principal’s Office IPA

Professional Undevelopment

Retirement Party

Sad Little Lunch

Sub Plans

Thirsty Teacher


Book Club

GNO Grading Party

Lesson Plans

Meet Me at the Library

No Teacher Left Behind


Field Trip

Sex Ed

Staff Talent Show

Summer Vacation



Copy Machine

End of Course Exams (Say that Fast 3 Times)

Full Moon on Halloween

Other Duties as Assigned

Science Fiction

Standardized Testing

Tech Support


Grades Were Due Yesterday

Missing Permission Slip

Pep Rally

Zoom Teaching

SOLSC Day 15

12 thoughts on “Anchor Chart Pub

  1. I LOVE this post! We are, after all, of legal age and allowed to imbibe (responsibly, of course). I will have to share with you sometime my dream of a bar bookstore…I could use a good mixologist.

    Liked by 1 person

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