Truth or Dare Family Style

SOLSC Day 27

“Let’s play Truth or Dare!”

“We’re about to eat dinner.”

“So?” Of course, it’s so because she’s eleven and we’re constantly cat-fighting like good mothers and daughters do when they’re both raging with hormones.

“Okay, I’ll play.”

“Truth or dare?”


“Tell the truth. Would you ever choose a dare?”

With an eye roll she couldn’t see, “Well, maybe. I’m not the adventurous type. But I’m also here at home, playing with you so it depends on who’s playing. And I’m not in middle school either so it’s not going to feel the same.”

“Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to give Dad a hug.”

“A hug? That’s the dare? You want me to give Dad a hug?”

“You chose the dare so now you have to do it!”

I walk over to my husband who is assembling his chalupa and give him a side hug. One of those we’ve been married for years let’s not drop our dinner plates hugs.

“There, done. Why did you choose that? It’s not a very daring dare.”

“I don’t see you hug each other. I just want to make sure.”

7 thoughts on “Truth or Dare Family Style

  1. I had to laugh, because my youngest is the type that teases us when my husband and I do hug! I have to wonder if that was her intent with the game all along…

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  2. What a punch at the end! The choice to mostly tell this in dialogue, with just a bit of description to give hints about the relationship dynamics at play (“Of course it’s so. She’s eleven…” and ” One of those we’ve been married for years let’s not drop our dinner plates hugs.”) makes the ending so powerful.

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    1. Thank you! It didn’t occur to me to use this as a slice until I started messaging my sisters about it. This kiddo sure does make us think.


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