Shh…Listen Already!

I’m not a great listener. I’m worse at it with family than with strangers. Worse still, listening to my Self. This weekend, I tried a technique Julia Cameron suggests in her newest book, The Listening Path: The Creative Art of Attention. Similar to The Artist’s Way, Cameron includes exercises to practice the skill as a way to tap into creativity. Being silent. Listening to everything, rather than hearing.

One way to listen to that inner voice is to write to one’s Self, or inner child. I did that on Saturday, asking some big questions I’ve been trying to figure out. I wrote in script form and gave my Self the name of Little Cat, using pink ink with responses in purple.

What am I doing? This is wonky. But, it’s my notebook, I can do whatever I want. I wound up with five pages of questions and answers, dialogue. Some I thought I knew and others I didn’t realize were options. Skeptical during my writing, I had to tell Little Cat to shut up already. Let it flow. Stop and listen. Respectfully. Attentively. Fully.

Sounds easy.

Today, I continued thinking about my questions. I haven’t returned (yet) to my notebook to re-read answers, but I have the gist. After a conversation, in the silence of my being, they shouted at me. They were whispers on Saturday, but I wouldn’t listen.

Okay, Self, I get it. I’m listening now. Forgive me for dismissing you.

11 thoughts on “Shh…Listen Already!

  1. This is giving so much to think about. Those little lines where you question, “What am I doing? This is wonky.” Even though it wasn’t the point of your post, it’s those little questions that often stop me from freely writing. The way you gave yourself permission to just go for it is giving me inspiration!

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  2. We are birds of a feather, Alice; I started a “self-talk” journal that I was writing in until I started morning pages and doing a lot of self-reflection in the Noom app exercises. I haven’t done the question AND answer thing yet…I will have to try it. I’m thinking of writing the questions first, then waiting a day and going back to answer them with 24 hours more under my belt, just to see what my subconscious has cooked up in the meantime; what do you think?

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  3. You are quite an insightful person. Yes, listen to yourself. It may keep you out of some bad trouble and get you into some good trouble.

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