Field Trip Conversations

Friday, March 25, 2022

“I won’t be able to read this summer. I’m going to India.”

“My dad wants to take me to California. Why California?”

“I’ll read and work on next year’s books. I want to win the competition.”

“I won’t be able to do anything. I’ll be helping with a crying baby all summer.”

“Can you just let us hang out in the library and we can skip the rest of our classes? Please?”

“I didn’t bring my instrument today so I won’t be able to practice, it’s just the last part of 7th period and 8th period, please?”

“Sorry, you got a rule-following librarian. When we come back from a field trip, you have to go back to class. The one time I break a rule, I get in trouble. I have to return the Suburban anyway, so we won’t be able to hang out.”

“Can I call my mom to see if she’ll have time to pick me up in time for her ultrasound?”

“Sure, use my office.”

Sighs all the way around. There’s a class reading in the library with one of my favorite teachers when we enter, ambient music playing in the background. I missed out on a lesson with them today. The girls reluctantly gather their backpacks. I take my time writing their passes.

“Thanks for participating. I’m glad you had fun. See you next Thursday for book club and have a great weekend.”

The others leave and S comes to the circulation desk. “I think they’re already at the ultrasound, no one is picking up. It’s okay though, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it anyway.” Her eyes say otherwise. “Can I get my pass, please?”

14 thoughts on “Field Trip Conversations

    1. I felt disappointed with her. I couldn’t give her a definite time that we’d be back and I explained it was an important time for family. I had an alternate, but she had worked so hard to prepare for this book competition. I’m definitely going to ask her about it when I see her again. I’m hoping the family was able to get a video of the ultrasound to share with her.

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  1. They were putting on such a strong/cool face in front of their peers – “I’ll be helping with a crying baby all summer.” – yet, you captured the real feeling, this sadness at missing the ultrasound. Love what you captured just through a little listening!

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    1. I agree, they’re putting on their “cool” faces. It’s also a time where they’re making harder decisions: go to a school function that is the culmination of a lot of hard work or family time.


  2. What a beautiful post. And the way you tucked the request for the ultrasound call, right in there with all the other stuff. I could feel the way this student wanted to make it a big deal, but didn’t, because maybe 1) fear of disappointment, or 2) teens doing what teens do. But oh! My heart goes out to that kid. ❤

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