A New Pillow

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

I have a hard time sleeping. My pillow is old. I forget to buy a new one because a new pillow isn’t something I think about adding to my shopping list. I remember around 1:45 a.m., the first of my sleepless fits flopping back and forth between being wide awake and wishful sleeping. I tell my brain that it’s okay to go back to sleep, the alarm is set to do its job. And if I accidentally sleep in, the world. Will. Not. Stop.

This afternoon, I went to Target for some odds and ends. A pillow! I wrote it, (finally) onto my list. I already dislike shopping and I haven’t been in the mood to research pillows. Some were on sale, but the shelves were bare of those. Honestly, I don’t care how much it is, but manage to steer away from a $99 pillow. So much for not caring. I find one that I hope will work. It’s not like you can try it on. If I don’t like it, I’m certain someone else will gladly take it from me.

I also wound up with a pair of jeans. I know Target clothes never fit me well, but I try these on. Surprisingly, I like how they fit. But I may change my mind tomorrow. I’ll sleep on my new pillow tonight. In the morning, I’ll wear my new jeans. If for some reason they don’t fit like they did in the dressing room, at least those can be returned. What in the world possessed me to purchase two of the hardest things to shop for on the same day?

6 thoughts on “A New Pillow

  1. I’m amused by the throwaway detail in your slice about how if an item’s not on ‘the list,’ then it’s like it doesn’t exist. Hope the pillow delivered, and you got a good night’s sleep.

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  2. Sounds like a productive day…that much needed pillow and jeans! 1:45am is about the time that I remember all the things that I didn’t do during the day…ugh! Wishing you some much needed sleep on that brand new pillow!

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  3. I’m not sure what it is about the line, but I love how you write that tonight you’ll try out your new pillow and tomorrow you’ll try out the new jeans. Maybe it’s the optimism inherent in those plans, or the craft of looking forward, that I don’t think of doing in my pieces. I hope by now you’re enjoying both!

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