#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Thursday, March 9, 2023

I know my wardrobe needs refreshing. We have jeans days every Thursday and Friday. Thursday we top them with a school t-shirt, Friday it’s a college t-shirt. A uniform of sorts. I don’t complain; I know what to wear at least two days of the week. Jeans aren’t my favorite so I may or may not wear them two days in a row if they’re still clean. Don’t want to waste the break-in from the last wash. I can move in them better on day two.

Having worn 80’s and 90’s fashion trends, I don’t want to wear them again. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just don’t feel right. I got my dose of parachute pants and floral prints with thick soled shoes the first time around. Cropped oxford shirts aren’t appropriate for me to wear to work. Sure I could wear a tank underneath it, but why not just make regular length oxford shirts? It’s a remix of what was trendy, but now I can’t wear it even if I want to.

Warmer temperatures have me scanning my closet for transition pieces. Dresses, especially flowy ones that are potluck friendly pair well with a jean jacket studded with bookish enamel pins. I’m not to old for that trend. I found a great dress a few weeks ago. I can dress it down or dress it up. It works with low profile sneakers, sandals, flats, you name it. Heck, if we go to the beach this summer, it will also be great for a family photo, salty breeze flowing through my hair, sun-kissed skin, a sunset behind us…

No, I didn’t try it on. It was late and I didn’t want to mess with the dressing room. Everything looks different at home, so might as well buy it and try it on in in the wild with normal lighting. If it doesn’t work, I’ll return it. I put it on and tied the belt around my waist. So comfy. Plus, POCKETS! This dress has pockets! I can stash Jolly Ranchers in them during a lesson and parse them out to the brave little souls willing to answer a question with actual vocal cords. I grab my jean jacket and put it on. Definitely an option for those chilly-ish days. I go through my shoes and find several that will work. Sandals for the beach. Birks for weekend brunch. Flats for church. Sneakers for work, on some days. This is perfect!

Giddy, I skip on over the the full length mirror. What. Is. That? My hips look like they’ve doubled in size. I turn around. Maybe it’s the jacket. I take it off. Maybe I tied the belt too tight? I untie it and retie it, looser. I put my hands in my pockets. Change shoes. Nope, nope, nope. It’s none of those things. Exactly. I look at the sleeves. 3/4 length with elastic, the kind those prissy influencers say to avoid. Well, I’m no influencer, but what in the world?

As cute as it was on the hanger this is all wrong. The sleeves are puffy. I got a size too big and how is it that something a little bigger actually makes you look bigger? There is no size medium and a half! That would be perfect. Maybe. I look at the sleeves. I look at the entire dress. Now that I think of it, I look like I’m wearing a belted hospital gown. The puffy sleeves make me look like an oversized mint colored marshmallow.

I take it off and put it back in the bag. Who made puffy sleeves a thing this season? Marshmallows? Sure, I’ll take one now and then roasted over a fire, but I certainly don’t want to wear them.

2 thoughts on “#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

  1. Your description of how perfect the dress felt made it so sad when you described how it looked! Marshmallows definitely aren’t for wearing! I also loved this line: “Having worn 80’s and 90’s fashion trends, I don’t want to wear them again.” Having been through them myself, I completely agree! (Except flannel shirts–I’ll still wear them. I’m okay with cozy and warm.)


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