Look, a Nook!

Fabled Bookshop and Cafe has another little hiding place. Upon entering and scanning the layout, plotting my first bookcase to peruse, I noticed an adorable writing nook (occupied) on the left side past Aesop. A writer, deep in thought, oblivious to those entering behind her. I glanced her way, took note, and on we went.

Later, I went back to that section where the travel books take you wherever you want to go. The nook was unoccupied, its writer a ghost of a memory. Who was she? What did she write? How long was she there? Is she a regular?

My daughter took a seat. “I can do homework here, no distractions.”

“I can write in my journals here, no distractions,” I agreed.

It’s a small desk with and a steel book holder and potted plant lit by a wall sconce. That’s it. We noticed a single desk drawer.

“Open it.”

She opens the drawer. A pile of hand-written notes (the best kind) greet us, happy to get a breath of fresh air. “Ooh, notes! Do you have paper so I can add a drawing?”

No, I didn’t have paper.

Already having spent a chunk of time there, my companions’ patience wore thin. I’ll only read one. I’ll come back another time. Solo. I can spend the entire day here. Of course, I didn’t say that out loud.

I took one note and read it.

Yes, I do have dreams so big, it scares me half to death to chase them.


Thursday, March 16, 2023

6 thoughts on “Look, a Nook!

  1. This is amazing! I would to have a bookstore with a desk full of people’s notes. It’s even better that people are having “conversations” with the writers. I hope you get to come back and read all the notes and write your own.


    1. I would love to get into all of those notes. I have a mission for my next visit. I’ll have to get there early enough to snag the desk. This was the icing on the cake.


  2. “Those who fear never change. Be someone who changes.” My favorite line from the discovered drawer. And it kind of speaks to me because big dreams are scary, but change is incremental.
    I also love your line about the section where “the travel books take you wherever you want to go.”
    I dont know for sure if this is a real place or a story…
    This is kind of a magical slice!


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