SOLSC Glossary of Terms

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Blurking: looking for new blogs to follow, often by looking at lists of blogs other people follow, especially when posting comments on a Slice

EMS: early morning Slicer

Mindbloggling: those great writers who use crazy awesome techniques and make you think about deep issues. These posts require several readings.

PMS: post-morning Slicer

Seasoned Slicer: Slicers with more than five years of Slicing experience. They are excellent mentors, lead workshops, suggest new structures, are members of other writing groups, suggest resources, encourage us all, and are great writers

Slicer Butt: numb sensation in the glutes from sitting for long periods of time (especially on weekends and spring break) writing, reading, and commenting every day for a full month

Slicerism: terms Slicers use such as Slice, SOL, and “Oops, I accidentally put two spaces between the period at the end of my teaser and my permalink, my bad!”

Writerly Craftivity: the ability to seamlessly weave artsy projects into writing such as quilting, bird watching, knitting, dancing, music, art, gardening, opening a bottle of vodka…

Writertude: looking on the bright side of choosing random topics for writing such as allergies, pickles, or rats. Often helpful when hitting the wall (or an empty Writing Pantry)

Writing Pantry: where you go in your mind’s eye to pull techniques, tips, structures, words, images, for a new piece of writing

19 thoughts on “SOLSC Glossary of Terms

    1. This was fun to write. It came to me during my lunch break so I had to quickly pop it into my notes app on my phone. I wrote it quickly so the ideas wouldn’t fizzle out.


  1. This glossary is well played. I especially like the notion of a writing pantry, knowing that mine will benefit from replenishment after this full month.


    1. Lol! I find it fitting that the last day is a Friday. I will most certainly celebrate, lol! I’d slice about knitting if I’d just pick up my sticks again. It’s been a while.


  2. This is so fun! I especially love the image of the “writing pantry”, although I also really loved “blurking”! (And what’s not to love about “Slicer Butt”?!) Just a delightful, creative celebration of this community and this experience!


    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I found some good blogs while blurking. Honestly, I’m having fun with that word, I want it added to Webster’s Dictionary.


    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. I may add to it from time to time since I thought of another one to add. I sure hope I wrote it down somewhere because right now, I can’t remember what it was. The blurking is so real!


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