A Few of My Un-favorite Things

SOLSC Day 20

Mushrooms with onions and yogurt all milky

Cheeses with mold and sheets not so silky

Socks full of holes all hanging with strings

These are just some un-favorite things

Raindrops that go plop straight onto my forehead

Teens up so late, oh why don’t they go to bed?

All of the stress the end of break brings

These are just some un-favorite things

When the sun shines

When the birds fly

When I’m feeling glad

I simply remember un-favorite things

And I start to feel so sad

Stepping on ice from the freezer all melted…

7 thoughts on “A Few of My Un-favorite Things

    1. Both! I didn’t want to get busy and forget to post for today, so I left it open in case more ideas came to me. They haven’t. But I also still have the song stuck in my head and figured others would too. Perhaps this can become a collaborative parody.


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