The (Orange) Badge of Courage

SOLSC Day 31

I signed up for this challenge after I declared I was breaking up with challenges. And here I am, at the beginning of my last post for the month. It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t as hard as I imagined.

This brings to mind my “one little word” for the year. I wrote about this five years ago on this day, my first blog post. Synchronicity with a capital S! I’m not the one little word type. At least I wasn’t then. The past two years my one little word was create. I’ve been working on that in so many different ways, but my focus has been writing.

This year, I almost didn’t choose a word. But one found me anyway. I’m still not sure about how I fee about that one little word because words are anything but little. They can carry the heft of the world or they can take you to new, unimaginable places. And spaces. Like this one.

This year, the word that found me is courage. I gradually began posting more frequently last year during the shut down. Being locked in, writing was my way to venture out. People have always encouraged me to write. They see things in my words that I fail to see. S’s room takeover was my first pandemic post. Then I started playing a little and had such fun publishing a Videoconferencing Yearbook.

Chris Margocs of Horizon 51, a fellow librarian, shared this space with me and invited me along. I dipped my words in and here I am. She doesn’t know this, but the Day 2 Slice, You Know That One Friend? is all about Chris.

I typically shared my blogs on FB, but sharing it with others in this way taught me so much. There are so many talented writers out there. You all have taken me under your wing with encouragement and support. This is my first writing group other than those in my undergrad courses. That was a long time ago.

I plan to continue posting on Tuesdays. Seems easy compared to posting every day. I’ll venture out to join other writing groups. As an educator, work overlaps into my personal space and always has. That’s the nature of working with your passion. I’m ready to venture out on my own and break away a little. Carve out some writing space for me.

I’m no longer a classroom teacher, but I have always loved teaching writing. As a librarian, I have to figure out how to get a group of students to participate in the classroom challenge next year. Muster up the courage to do something out of the norm on my campus.

And that’s what words do. They give us courage and teach us about ourselves. Above all, they connect us to others through the power of a story.

10 thoughts on “The (Orange) Badge of Courage

  1. Congratulations! I certainly hope you will keep writing. It does take courage. I loved this line: They can carry the heft of the world or they can take you to new, unimaginable places. And spaces. Like this one. Words are powerful, for sure. All the best!

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  2. You honor me with your acknowledgement, and your writing is so very worthy of sharing with our Slicing group and beyond. I thought you had a much “hipper” friend in mind when I read that friend post; I teared up when you called me out. I am so happy that we are kindred spirits!

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  3. A great post to end this month of slicing. Courage is just the right word and you have displayed it in many ways, as you’ve described your writing adventures. I’m sure you’ll go on to more and more with your style of writing which is engaging and readable. As your last line concludes, there is power in a story!

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  4. Extremely well put. How the power of words, when we’ll crafted, or I’ll crafted, for that after can effect change. I KNOW that is not a sentence, but as writers, we allow ourselves to break the rules for our own purposes. You are truly a crafter of inspiring messages and I salute you, My Friend.

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  5. Absolutely love reading your blogs! I miss being in your class watching you work your magic. I loved your poem, “You Know That One Friend”. Your beautiful soul shines through your writing. Love you!


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