You Know That One Friend?

who invites you somewhere
you think about going
and you check it out
a few times
You think,
yes, maybe this will
Introductions are made
smiles exchanged
still wary
but you feel
like the essence of 
who you are 
You keep going on your own
here and there
testing it out
meeting other people
awakening out of your 
You start chatting
and discover some have 
real friend potential,
outside of this space 
I'd love to hang out in person
sort of potential, 
the oh my goodness,
It's one thing to fit in,
It's a whole other level of living
 to belong
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “You Know That One Friend?

  1. Out of your otherness- great line! I like the somewhat hectic feel I felt as I was reading this. Great word choice too to be able to evoke that emotion. Thank you!

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  2. Such a great stream-of-consciousness poem about finding the person/ people who “click”. How much more wonderful when “you keep going on your own” when it happens, without necessarily looking for it. You’re on a roll with your Slices, Alice!

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