I’ve Got (Too Much) Mail

September 28,2021

I’m working on decluttering my personal inbox. I gave up on my work email. I try not to look at the number of unread or unopened emails. I unsubscribe, but for some reason, it doesn’t work. There are tips and tricks to manage the beast, but that takes more time than I have. I sign up for different kinds of groups (mostly writing), hoping to get inspired. And I do…when I read an entire email. Last week I read through one newsletter and I decided to only choose one of the embedded links. It was about journaling, something I’ve been doing most of my life. There was good information. I saved it. It’s hard not to dig through my digital trash looking for other valuable bits of knowledge I tossed haphazardly. But my brain can only take so much. If that information needs to find me, it will come around. Probably into my inbox.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got (Too Much) Mail

  1. The dreaded inbox! I used to keep all of those newsletters on “unread” so I’d remember to go back and read them all. But then the little number of unread emails gave me too much stress. This was such a relatable post!


  2. Lol, clearing the work inbox is like trying to toss water off a leaking boat. It never ends. This is a legit struggle, and the best thing to do is to create a new account that you keep strictly private.


  3. I applaud you for even trying. I can’t seem to delete email fast enough, and just when I think I have a good system, I miss one that I shouldn’t have. It’s hard to control the feeling that there is some valuable information out there that you might be missing!


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