are for sleeping in
coffee with Mom and Dad
nibbling on a sugar cookie
dragging myself to the Y
sweat anyway
workout done

Saturdays are for easy lunches
salads and croissant sandwiches
thrift store shopping
unexpected surprises

Saturdays are for laughing
a bit of laundry, hugs, 
packages in the mail
slurping spaghetti 

Saturdays are for chatting 
making wrong turns
on our way to the venue

Saturdays are for concerts
an orchestra
musicians, my musician
John Williams’ genius
enchanting us all 
with memories of favorite movies

Saturdays are for sitting
around the fire pit
chocolate, graham crackers,
and sticky charred marshmallows
winter playing tag with spring
under the orange sliver of a moon
Saturday, March 5, 2022

8 thoughts on “Saturdays…

    1. Thank you. I remember attempting to teach my students how to avoid telling an “around the clock story” and here I am, writing an around the clock poem. However, I did focus telling about my day, lol!


    1. Saturdays have been packed with chores or cold weather that makes me want to stay warm and cozy. It was nice to get out and do something other than the regular things that need to get done.


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