14 thoughts on “Spring Broke

  1. Ooo, I can tell you are ready for this much-needed break. What a clever depiction of your tiredness and lack of bounce, or as you say spring.

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  2. I felt that deeply.
    My search for words has been hard.
    I’m in need of rest.

    As always, Alice…even when your writing is weary, it is simply beautiful! You are a talented artist, ma’am.

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown :o)

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  3. I really love this play on words! I love how the beginning and end connect the poem together, and I just love the line, “but my spring broke”. I feel this deep in my bones, but your word choice also leaves me with a playful sense. Great poem!

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  4. I love all the word play in your poem. Just reading the title, before I got to the actual poem, I thought “YES”, because I’ve been feeling so exhausted Spring Broke ” perfectly captures how I’m feeling. I love how the poem starts with a play on one word, then shifts to word play on the other part of “spring break “.

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