Two Minutes Ago

The 'tween is helping with dinner
Hubster is cooking
I'm playing with a craft project
Clean-up is mine for tonight
A chunk of lettuce flies from
'tween's  hands
and the discussion quickly goes to
the three second rule
"I didn't see that"
I say,
"It's okay," 'tween says
"the wet pieces may or may not 
have been on the floor,
it's not like someone's feet were there
and we don't talk about Bruno..."
Noooo! not that song again!
I've had some bubbly today,
I don't care
dinner is cooked
it's spring break
I had friend time this afternoon
I'll skip the lettuce 
It's still spring break
and I'm trying not to care
too much
Life goes on
with or without lettuce
on a burger
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

10 thoughts on “Two Minutes Ago

  1. It sounds like you’re having an unhurried spring break. This slice is such a good example of how we can capture small moments and craft them into something meaningful and resonant through writing about them. I chuckled at the “wet pieces may or may not have been on the floor” part.

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    1. Hi Elisabeth, I’ve been getting lots of prompts from my ‘tween lately. It’s easier to capture pictures than words, but boy, does this one say some funny things! Thank you for the feedback. It’s hard to find small moments on those seemingly uneventful days, if there’s such a thing.


  2. I love the ending lines “Life goes on/ with or without lettuce/ on a burger”. It’s one of those many, teeny decisions we make on a daily basis without even realizing it; in this case, the decision to be fine with the way things are.

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    1. It’s taken me a while to get there, but I’m learning how to just be fine with things. I can only do so much if something is outside of my circle of control. It is a vast space so I need to let it be.

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  3. I love these lines: “I don’t care/dinner is cooked/it’s spring break/I had friend time this afternoon/I’ll skip the lettuce” –it feels like they (and others) capture such a nice moment of relaxation and enjoyment in the moment. It feels like a perfect spring break evening!

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