Beating the Sunday Blues

Sunday, March 20, 2022
It's spring today 
Had to double check  
A brightening sun teases me 
through the window 
as I write  
It's still cold outside, 
but it doesn't have 
winter's bite
I'm cutting short 
my morning puttering  
Got a lot done yesterday 
so I could enjoy the whole
of today  
I typically get the Sunday blues 
on Saturday night 
lamenting a long list of 
Still Needs To Get Done Before Monday  
Back to work Monday  
A back to work 
rain in the forecast
I'm going out 
to play
with a spring 
in my step
a taste for 
the end of May

6 thoughts on “Beating the Sunday Blues

  1. I needed to read your poem today. I am tired but your words are pushing me to also go out and play. I too have that list trying to hold me down. But know you are out there playing, as soon as I complete this comment and one more, YES, I’m heading out to enjoy this Sunday. Thank you. Your words are just what I needed to read!!

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  2. I love that “back to work/rain in the forecast” and your playfulness with the word spring. Your poem is making me rethink spending the day doing chores. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Natasha. I still have some chores to do, but I’m interspersing them here and there. I’m trying to focus on allowing myself to spend time on the fun stuff.


  3. Oh! There’s so much joy and fun in your poem today. I loved it! I also identify with the feeling of Getting Lots of Stuff Done on one day so that I can enjoy the next. Yes! It’s kind of like how I need to clean the kitchen and pick up clutter before I can let myself relax. Maybe I should work on that…

    And I just really enjoyed your use of language. You have so much brightness and clarity in your word selection that the whole thing just shimmers and shines. Beautiful!

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    1. Thank you, Lainie. I also prefer to get the other things done first, but I’m working on not letting it consume all of my time. It’s hard to do. I prefer everything to be in order before I can relax. My kids tell me to take a break. It’s a work in progress.

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