Netflix Dumped

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Ever been “Netflix dumped?” It hurts. Not as bad as a real break-up, but still. I mean, I made a commitment. I promised. I said yes to an entire series with you. Then you went off and didn’t even wait for me. You cheated and watched. Every. Single. Episode. Without me, after I promised you I wouldn’t stray.

This isn’t the first time you’ve done it either. Season 4 of Stranger Things. How could you? After all, on your eleventh birthday, I vowed to let you watch season one. I fulfilled my end of the deal. We watched that first episode the night of you birthday. I even allowed snacks upstairs. Every day until the end of season three, we all watched it with you.

I worked that day and you just couldn’t wait. You promised you’d wait for me to get home even though summer break had already started for you. Lucky. But no, I got home and you had to brag about binge watching it. TWICE! Because you started watching when they dropped it at midnight. You would’ve thought you’d won a hot-dog eating contest. Glutton.

Then Heartstopper. Same thing. You watched a few episodes and swore you’d wait for me. I only got through the first three and you left me behind. Again. You had already gone through them twice, so why rush the third round? Sheesh.

The last one was Wednesday. Seriously!? You didn’t even know about Wednesday Addams until you found teasers for this Wednesday! I don’t want to watch anything with you again. You keep Netflix dumping me. I hate being mistreated this way. Take all the fun out it. I’ll watch on my own from now on. Don’t start on me when I decide to watch something without you.

21 thoughts on “Netflix Dumped

  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha I can so relate! Your writing is compelling; I relished every word and relatable moment you shared. Thanks for the validation–from a fellow “cheated on” streaming viewer.


    1. Thanks for the affirmations, Margaret. My 13 year old Netflix dumps me frequently, but she doesn’t like it when it happens to her. Lessons learned.


    1. My family members are so impatient with me because I just can’t relax to enjoy a show if other pressing things aren’t done ahead of time. Every once in a while I let such tasks take a back seat.


  2. Ha! I have not been dumped, but generally, I go through binge sessions, then don’t watch for a long time. Isn’t it exciting when the “new episodes coming soon?” Come up, though?


    1. I go through some binge sessions too. The last one was The Crown. I was home for a stretch and got to watch it with my mom. I actually Netflix dumped my husband on this one. Yikes!

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  3. I love everything about this slice. The voice, the twist on dating, the sarcasm, the varied sentences. I can feel your emotions so clearly! Well written!


  4. I love this line: ” It hurts. Not as bad as a real break-up, but still.” I haven’t had this happen with shows, but my husband and I have had strong words about not reading ahead in books we’re reading together. It makes me think I should let him know how much I appreciate his commitment to our book relationships. 🙂


  5. Ha! I bet the “dumper” enjoyed this post as much as you had fun writing it. I need to find another series for the hubster and I to share; maybe this summer, I can do watch parties from afar with the grownup kiddos.


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