Mid-Day Sunday Coffee

Summer Moon
my favorite coffee shop
oldies on

espresso machine hisses 
and steams everyone's orders
stair-stepped mini-bleachers
hold a single to-go
order because
Sundays are for sitting
and sipping a steaming
mid-day cup 
on a cold, sunny
spring day
waiting for warm weather 
to pounce
and stay
soon warm drinks
will be ordered
over ice
cups dripping with

it's noisy
people catching up
winding down
sipping away the weekend,
a week-long break,
a few more hours until tomorrow
where we all wake up
and do it all over again,
with a quick
home-brewed coffee
to chase the sleep away
Sunday, March 19, 2023

6 thoughts on “Mid-Day Sunday Coffee

  1. What I get from this ode to your favorite coffee shop is a sense of time. There is only one cup to go because today is a day for sitting. The beverages are warm now but soon will be iced, with condensation dripping down. It’s a nice “take” on this favorite place.


    1. Hi Fran. As I waited for my friend to join me, I noticed the place was much busier than I expected. 2:00 in the afternoon and the place was full with lots of people waiting for their order, but no one was leaving. We’ve been on Saturday mornings, which is very busy, but Sunday afternoon? Who knew. I suppose others had the same idea.

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  2. I love all the sounds in this poem, from the chatter of the café-goers to the hiss of the espresso machine, but also the music that comes from the words you chose and how they fit together. May the force be with you tomorrow!


  3. Alice, love this and how you realized Sundays are different here. My favorite is this alliterative abundance here:
    “Sundays are for sitting
    and sipping a steaming
    mid-day cup”
    Beautiful! Glad you could enjoy it today.


    1. Hi Denise, I didn’t even notice the alliteration until you pointed it out for me. I didn’t realize I had never been to this coffee shop on a Sunday. Weekdays in summer, on an occasional day off, and on Saturdays, but never a Sunday. Or maybe it was just that particular Sunday.


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