Oak, no!

clear blue skies
popping wildflowers
grass awakening 
from winter's slumber
thick and green
twittering birds
gentle breezes
air perfumed with
blooming jasmine

March means
oak trees 
doing what oak trees do
their spiky little 
pollen nuggets
littering the ground
my headspace
tickling my throat
choking me up
making my nose
that evening walk
Monday, March 27, 2023

12 thoughts on “Oak, no!

  1. I like the cadence of your poem, the choice of words per line…and the emphasis on “drip drip drip” towards the end. Commiserating here with itchy eyes and a weird afternoon cough…I, like you, didn’t have allergies until a decade into living in Central Texas. Sigh.

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    1. Definitely. Everything’s going as it does until the little reminders rear their ugly heads. Right now we’re in the sweet spot (minus the allergies) of being able to sit outside comfortably. Soon, mosquitos will keep me holed up inside, along with extreme heat and humidity. But it’s great for now.

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