Alice Almaraz-Garza

25 in teacher years, half a century in human years. Information sleuth and scientist employed as a middle school librarian where she has cosplayed as General (Sweet) Mayhem and Mabel Pines. On superhero days, Alice goes by The Garzinator.

Slow reader. Writer-ish. Former 6th grade ELA teacher. Spanish is his her second language.

Subscribing to a monthly sparkly sticker club, she hoards stickers, especially the sparkly ones, in a large binder. An AFOL, she collects and builds literary themed LEGO sets, but recently built a Vespa 125 and only needed her 20 year old son’s assistance twice via Face Time. She taps into her inner 12 year old daily. Alice breaks technology frequently due to an alien implant in her pinkie toe that she noticed after being temporarily abducted at the age of three. They like to visit at 3:00 a.m. for regular updates.

Writing credits include piles of journals full of the mundane, (sometimes) boring, everyday musings and glimmers of creativity, piles of poems written to her parents starting in third grade, lesson plans, Facebook posts, and blog posts on Nerds Beget Nerds where she occasionally writes to Judy Blume.

When she isn’t writing, Alice enjoys puttering, strong coffee, and wondering why she entered the next room.

She lives in the middle of Texas with her husband, 13 year old, and pure-bred mutt named Reeses, but hails from the Panhandle where she ate dirt on long two-block walks home in horrid dust storms.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

13 thoughts on “Alice Almaraz-Garza

  1. What a fun way to introduce yourself-an author biography! (This would make a fun back-to-school writing piece!) I had to chuckle at the “wondering why she entered the next room! That is so me!


    1. Hi Leigh Ann. I got the idea from my co-worker reading author bios out loud from a website. There are many fun and quirky ones, although there are plenty of serious and impressive ones out there too. I went for the humor instead.


    1. Hi @Teachingnest87, I encourage you to try it out anyway. It’s a cool way to sell yourself in a different way as you view yourself. Not easy, but it can be fun playing with the words you use to describe yourself. Thanks for popping in.


  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea, Alice, and your delightfully colorful, joyous bio. (Giving you the “me, too” hand signal about “wondering why she entered the next room,” LOL! We ask our students to write their bios, so why shouldn’t we? I’m on it!


    1. Hi Christie, thanks for your feedback. Bios can be a fun way to pat ourselves on the back. Imposter syndrome is real and this is a good way to punch it in the face.


  3. Omigosh, this captures your personality so well! Did you see the news footage of the brownouts in the Panhandle these past few days? Ugh…that’s one thing I don’t miss about El Paso. I take writing so un-seriously that I would have a hard time selling myself as an author…but I may have to try this one, too, just for funsies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris, do try this for funsies!
      Those dust storms are no joke. My family sent video footage this weekend and it was awful. Wizard of Oz vibes where the sky is dark. I miss my family, but I don’t miss those dust storms.



    I loved your bio, all the way from the super-sincere to the tongue-in-cheek. As for me, I tap into my inner 8-year-old, maybe. My inner 12-year-old probably wants nothing to do with me 😉

    And…”When she isn’t writing, Alice enjoys puttering, strong coffee, and wondering why she entered the next room.” Yep. I think you have me pegged.

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  5. This is sucha fun read! I do love sparkly stickers too, I get a thrill from seeing them on students’ workbooks though, so no need to hoard them! What is a literary Lego set? Also the reference to Panhandle went over my head as I’m not in the US!


    1. Hi Celia.
      I’ve started sharing my stickers with students and have made buttons out of many of them. I must share the sticker love! Since I’m a librarian, it’s hard for me to go around and stick them on students notebooks, but I give them out to those who don’t have overdue books.

      I refer to literary LEGO sets as those designed around books (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) or other things that pique my interest. In addition to several Harry Potter sets (my faves are the ones that resemble books when they’re closed, but open up to reveal a setting such as Charm School, Defense of the Dark Arts, Herbology, etc.). There is also a book shop and one Christmas I received Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Story, designed as a scene that sits on the book.

      The Texas panhandle, the long “handle” shaped part of Texas that pops into Oklahoma, is notorious for high winds this time of the year. Because it’s a mainly agricultural area with few trees and an arid climate, the soil gets picked up into the atmosphere easily. Wind gusts can get so strong that semi trucks can get overturned if their loads shift or if they’re empty, causing horrible traffic accidents. What starts out as an ideal spring day with clear skies can quickly become brown and windy.

      Thank you for reminding me that others from around the world are also participating, so I will do better at clarifying some things that may not be familiar to others.

      I appreciate your feedback and happy slicing!

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